POWERMTA AND INTERSPIRE ONLY $55 SKYPE - ANDY.DESOUZA6 We have been engaged in providing different types of services including email marketing, bulk emailing SEO, SMO, Website design, Content Writing etc. We have 5 years of experience in dealing these kinds of services. We offer the services as per the requirements of customers. We provide full technical support to our client to understand the process and their need. In Email marketing or bulk emailing service we give installation service of Power MTA and Interspire on the client’s server. Power MTA's main function is to maintain the tasks of email delivery which includes queuing, scheduling, data transfer and also to track the delivery status. Power MTA will help you to achieve high rates of email sending and possibly in the inbox. It is best smtp software, email portal as compared to other software available in market. In SEO(Search Engine Optimization) our sole aim is to improve the performance of the website day by day. We will give your top 20 keywords on first page of search engines. We will also make your profile in all Social media and promote your products and websites. We will increase visitors on your website in a month.


$55 /one time Regularly $70 Sign Up
  • 7.200.000 emails per month
  • 240.000 emails per day
  • 10.000 envios emails per hour
  • 24/7/365 Support
  • Dmarc, Dkim, Spf, Rdns
  • Delivery in 1 days


$70 /One time Regularly $90 Sign Up
  • 18.000.000 emails per month
  • 600.000 emails per day
  • 25.000 envios emails per hour
  • 24/7/365 Support
  • Dmarc, Dkim, Spf, Rdns
  • Delivery in 1 days


$100 /One time Regularly $120 Sign Up
  • 36.000.000 emails per month
  • 1.200.000 emails per day
  • 50.000 envios emails per hour
  • 24/7/365 Support
  • Dmarc, Dkim, Spf, Rdns
  • Delivery in 1 days


$130 /One time Regularly $150 Sign Up
  • 54.000.000 emails per month
  • 1.800.000 emails per day
  • 75.000 envios emails per hour
  • 24/7/365 Support
  • Dmarc, Dkim, Spf, Rdns
  • Delivery in 1 days

All Interspire Interspire Addons Only $99

More than 200,000 websites hosted

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More than 200,000 websites hosted


How much time will installation take?

Around 24 hours and may be extended for a maximum of 48 hours if we have some delay.


I need to hire the server configuration?

No, the configuration service is intended for those who already have a machine and just need the installation and configuration service.

Mailing List

Do you provide email list?

No, we dont provide email list.

bulk mail server

Do you provide server for mailing?

Yes, plans are complete there is no need to hire equipment or software licenses.

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Why i need a exclusive domain for server?

We need a unique domain so we can set all resources correctly, is not possible to use a domain that points to a website or has an active email service.


I can add more domains?

Is not possible and not necessary, we configure your machine so that each ip will respond exclusively by a derivative subdomain of the main domain.

dkim/spf/rdns pass

Do you gaurantee inbox of email?

We do not guarantee arrival in the inbox as this depends on the content sent and how the campaign was made, but we guarantee the perfect setting for all required signatures to make it happen dkim / SPF / RDNs.


I can use email lists and scraped email addresses?

Yes, you can send to any list.

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My machine will provide good delivery?

We monitor daily the IPs and request the removal of blaclists, ensuring good deliverability.


Can i add more IP’s?

Yes, you can hire as many ips desired. During shopping can add more ips the cost is $ 10 each. For mkt2 and higher planes.

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Customers will know that use third-party services?

No, the logo and signature of the system are customizable allowing you to remove any reference to our company.


Can I do upgrade my plan?

Yes can upgrade at any time to request. We formatted your machine installed new resources and recover your backup.

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How do I know if my ips are on rotation?

Please send an email to a gmail account every 5 minutes and check the source code of your message through the option “View Original”.


Can i assign separate IP’s to each user?

No, The machine is configured to rotate the IPs every 5 minutes, sending from a different IP every 5 minutes regardless of the user

port25 pmta

What is your refund policy?

Refund will be granted only when the powermta 4 or interspire is not working, if server has problems then we cannot help. e.g. DNS Issue, ip blocking, dnsquarey resolve issue.

PowerMTA demo

Do I get access to demo of pmta and interspire?

No, We do not offer servers for test drive.