Could you direct me to where I rent machines for use by the configuration service?

No, if you do not have a machine we recommend that you hire one of our plans.


I need to hire one of the plans and also the configuration of service?

No, the configuration service is aimed at those who already have a machine and only want to hire the existing configuration service.

Server configuration

What is the server configuration and ips I need?

Mininum we need 2gb ram server and number of ips depends upon your mailing volume. We recommend 5000 emails per hour per ip. We need Linux server with centos 5 64 bit installed.


How much time will installation take?

Normally, it takes minimum 24 hours to complete the installation with interspire and maximum 48 hours if theres a major problem.


What do you need from me to get started?

We need root access to server and 1 exclusive domain for server.

Mailing List

which is included in “Server Configuration” price?

It’s all included, Interspire + PowerMTA + All Advanced Features.

Mailing List

Why do you need a exclusive domain for server?

We need a unique domain so we can set all resources correctly, is not possible to use a domain that points to a website or has an active email service.


I can add more domains?

Is not possible and not necessary, we configure your machine so that each ip will respond exclusively by a derivative subdomain of the main domain.

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If my machine vendor lock my machine for spam you guys reinstalling free?

No, because we have no responsibility for this. In this case you should hire a new installation.

port25 pmta

I need to buy or license any software as Interspire or PowerMTA?

No, the installation service is already included.

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Do you provide email Data?

No, we dont provide email data.

port25 pmta

What is your refund policy?

Refund will be granted only when the powermta 4 or interspire is not working, if server has problems then we cannot help. e.g. DNS Issue, ip blocking, dnsquarey resolve issue.